maddy (themadone) wrote,

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Lovely day for a swim...

Well today I can't get in to work. The flooding that has turned Runnymede into a lake, has it seems, worked it's soggy magic on the Windsor train line too. Can't say I too surprised having seen the devastation on the way to Staines. Doubt it'll go away any time soon either.

My weekend was packed solid full of LARPy goodness as it was the Runnymede weekend of doom! (or something like that). Sabbat, Garou, C/A and mage...all in one weekend. Yummy. Made up a new slogan for the weekend - "Runnymon: Gotta play 'em all". We're about halfway to having every possible venue imaginable running. I suspect we'd need another weekend though as there isn't any room left.

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