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Lovely day for a swim...

Well today I can't get in to work. The flooding that has turned Runnymede into a lake, has it seems, worked it's soggy magic on the Windsor train line too. Can't say I too surprised having seen the devastation on the way to Staines. Doubt it'll go away any time soon either.

My weekend was packed solid full of LARPy goodness as it was the Runnymede weekend of doom! (or something like that). Sabbat, Garou, C/A and mage...all in one weekend. Yummy. Made up a new slogan for the weekend - "Runnymon: Gotta play 'em all". We're about halfway to having every possible venue imaginable running. I suspect we'd need another weekend though as there isn't any room left.


Oh yeah! Oops. *quickly scurries off to correct that*

My 3/4 hour journey was 1 3/4 hour so got to my desk at 9:45 :(
ingenue_the told me, when I phoned to be irrate at something - anything - so husbands get it!, that not only is runnymede between Runnymede roundabout & Old Windsor round about closed due to flooding but so is the pooley green level crossing [the one near the egham police station].

The houses near the Bells of Ousley have flooded basements - they are very close to water level anyway, and the tow path outside that pub is so under water that you can't see the steps - a verge of about a foot of grass seperates water & road! me thinks that if it continues to rise that the pub may have a problem.

Dad went to look at our old house in the friary [a road name - just next to the BP garage] as it had a mooring - all swimming & creeping up the garden, slowly. He heard from neighbours that last year there was a flood diversion scheme to protect Maidenhead and the overflow was diverted to Datchet, just up river from Old Windsor/Runnymede so maybe this is why it is so bad.

Argh, must work!
Oh Great!

So now Runnymede gets the water, and the floods!