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Yuck! I've got the plague. Feel poo. *meep*


What is it with people in Runnymede?!

Well, we're all such a lovely friendly close bunch of folk. It only takes one of us to get something and it spreads like wildfire. Just look at us and Cam? *grins*

hope you feel better soon - know if you are coming tomorrow?

Well I'm already feeling a lot better than I did last night. Another night snuggled under the duvet should do the trick. This Supercold only has one weakness - Flufftonite - and thankfully my duvet has lots of that :)

So I think I shall definitely be at the party and this time I'm going to make sure I eat plenty during the day and I'm not thirsty when I arrive, so I won't have a repeat of the last party.

Horray for Fluffonite!
Fluffonite saves the day!

mm, I am going to go easy on the alcohol as well - don't want a repeat of a couple of years ago ever again! Just been watching 'The Making of a Hangover' on Discovery - Channel of the Gods.... or should that be Geeks ;) Puts you right off your 7th cocktail.