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Well that was probably the busiest weekend I've ever had. Friday was a party, which was OK as parties go. Almost felt like I was involved for a change. Thankfully didn't get excessively drunk and say something embaressing this time.

Saturday wasn't as fun. I was going to go shopping but couldn't be bothered to in the end. The vampire LARP game in the evening was a bit better, but as I was playing a new character I couldn't do much except re-introduce myself to everyone.

Sunday I think was the definitely the highpoint. I'd decided I was going to go to the cinema and watch a plethora of films and since I'm crap at maths I wrote a little program to work out what was the best order to watch the films. With my itinary planned, I headed off and watched Shrek and then Tomb Raider. Shrek I'd already seen - it's just so damn good. TR is a bit crap. After this point I was kinda screwed cos the next film - "Get Over It" - wasn't on for over an hour, so I headed back home.

When I got off the train, I decided that going home would be boring so headed to Linette's place, narrowly missing Neil's scarey parents. After much faffing, chatting and more people turning up we all went to a local fair. Unfortunately as we were arriving, the fair was leaving. Me and Tom had a good bash at House of the Dead and then we left. to have chinese at the local place that does all you can eat buffets.

After that - back to Linette's for more chatting. Leaving proved a little differcult for some of us because Simon offered the non-locals a lift up the hill and since he's got a really impractical 2-seater sports car had to borrow Linette's. All would have been fine except somehow he managed to lose her spare set of keys. It was a complete mystery where they could have gone as he'd only walked a short distance. After ransacking the house, his car & the short distance inbetween, he gave up and just gave Charlotte a lift home - Adrian ended up getting at taxi. At that point I decided to call it a night and thus ended a fun filled weekend.


I have no idea what plot Will was trying to get me involved in? He offered my character some cash in exchange for some boons which was utterly pointless as I probably had the same if not more amounts of resources as him.

That damn key

Mystery solved. It'd fallen into Simon's car - god knows how the several people who had a look inside failed to spot it.