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Today I shall be mostly running over...

no...not squirrels, dogs, cats or other small mammals like I'd normally would, but squaddies.

This morning started off pretty good...I had a nice long sleep dreaming about chasing mice, birds and rabbits. Or whatever it is humans (rather than cats) dream of chasing - probably still birds *grins*. The problem started when I woke up at 7:30 to find my alarm hadn't been turned on and it was 7:30. This meant I had 0 seconds to get washed, dressed and out the door, which as you can imagine was impossible. Instead I got out by 7:50 and decided to head to Windsor since it only takes about 30minutes to get there and my train from there was at 8:25.

Boy was it cold. Crossing towards the A308, I got hit by a HUGE gust of cold wind that didn't stop. I almost gave up and headed over towards Staines, but was brave and carried on.

This is where I encountered the soldiers. There must have been at least 50 of them, jogging along the pavement towards me. Unfortunately having to go past them slowly and getting lost near Windsor (took a new route) meant I arrived a few minutes too late. Stupidly I didn't just keep on going to Slough and waited for the next train.

Made it to work eventually though. But by was it cold today. It was cold on the way home too.

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