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Hmmm...my mum wanted me to email her my wishlist. She knew about Things I Love cos I showed it to her last time I visited, but she hadn't grasped the dynamic nature of it. She does now, so I've emailed her the link direct to my wishlist. I wonder if I should hide the mildly dodgy tarot deck...


Erm, the main page is blank when I click on the Things I Love link. Is that normal or is my browser screwed up?

Nope - it's not meant to do that. Can't see why it'd do that either.

I guess it's your browser being screwed up or something, but I can't see why it's happening to just you.

is blank from home with IE 5 but OK with Netscape 4.something. Using IE 5 at work as well.

You're definitely getting something though - at least 312bytes. You couldn't do a view source and mail it to me? :)

Mail sent.