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Yuck! I forgot the one flaw about going shopping and that was the stinking crusty folk returning from the Reading festival. As I got on the train, my senses were assaulted with the stench of death and decay. Luckily I was only going one stop, so I didn't have to suffer too long.

Other than that - the shopping trip went well. I managed to get a third set of bed linen, but failed to get a new wallet. I also got that "Take me home" song on CD on a whim.

On arriving home I find I've got 2 phone messages telling me about an improptu picnic. Unfortunately the messages are an over an hour old, but I phone ahead anyway and it turns out people are still there and unlikely to leave any time soon. In fact people stayed for an extra 4 hours and much fun frolically in the sun was had by all.

Now the plan is to go to the pub. I'm not especially hungry, so I'm not that fussed to turn up any time soon. But I suspect that I'll be hungry later by which stage it'll be too late.