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The road to hell...

is not paved with broken glass, rusty nails or other sharp objects designed to cause much pain and mutilation. It is instead one giant hill, forever going upwards. I know this because I've just tried to climb it - or at least that is what it feels like.

The train from Windsor homewards was canceled, so I decided that since the next train was at least 30minutes away, it was quicker for me to cycle home. It does after all only take me about 30-40 minutes. So with that good idea in mind, I set off. The weather wasn't foggy, so it was a whole lot less scarey this time and I soon found myself at Old Windsor.

Not content with having one good idea, I decide to have another and decide to see if I can find the actual cycle route from OW to Egham. After much peering about in the darkness, I eventually see a cycle route sign and soon find myself heading along the route. I guess I should have been a little wary when I noticed on the map that the route went down a road called "Crimp Hill", but I figured one hill wouldn't kill me. And I was right, I was fine with 1 hill. After 2 hills I was getting mildly frustrated. 3 hills I was exhausted. I gave up on the 4th, 5th and 6th hills and started to walk.

Once I'd finally got to the end of this nightmarish road, everything was fine and I once again cycled along in the darkness. I think what made the many hills so frustrating was that once I got to the top of them, I ended up going straight back down again. It was like cycling along a very humpy camel's back. I think in future that death by homicidal car driver is preferable to many hills, so I will stick to the route I took before.

*falls over dead from exhaustion*

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