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First day back at work. Did very little except read email (which I guess is technically work). I was surprised not to pass out with exhaustion because I've barely had any sleep the entire weekend. Not entirely sure why either - I go to bed and then can't sleep.

The Vikings were strangely absent on the trains today so I got in to work earlier than I would do if I took the usual route. A monthly season ticket also costs less than my old season ticket at the old place. And it also means I can do the cycle part of the journey if I feel like it too.

Went to GameSoc for the first time in a while. Managed to actually join finally and also played 2 games I hadn't seen before. Witch Trail is a new offering from Cheapass games - you play a lawyer charged with prosecuting the local unmarried women, homeless folk etc with trumped up charges cos they're all witches.

The best game however was Zombies. You play a poor hapless soul stuck in the middle of a city where out of nowhere the restless dead start springing up and attacking you and the other players. Armed only with a shotgun you have to wipe out hordes of zombies or make a break for freedom at the local heliport. The game is made that much harder because the city map is laid out as you play the game and the heliport is the last piece to be played. I almost won as I got really close to the heliport, but someone else managed to kill a vast swath of zombies.

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