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Hmmm....Not much has happened since the last entry. I cunning managed to get myself onboard a Tuder Pirates 4 roleplaying marathon so thats pretty much all I've done all weekend. Rather stupidly I had pizza on Friday, which meant that when we had it on Saturday (pizza is typical marathon food) I felt very much the fat bloater.

The marathon went well, everyone had fun, my character didn't die. We even had a victorious ending, despite the rest of the party's blunder that got us all captured.

Today, I have no idea what I'm doing yet. I think the plan shall involve shopping. Definitely lots of shopping. Not that I feel particularly in the need for a bit of retail therapy, but it can't hurt can it?

Tonight I'd imagine will the be now customary no-GameSoc monday pub trip. It'll seem wierd when term starts and we're back the to the futile attempts to have a gaming evening which is always overrun by various roleplaying campaigns. I think cryx's attitude of just not bothering to turn up might be the right one, except of course she's now a part of one of the campaigns that is causing the problem.

Maybe this year will be different and the emphasis will be less tabletop roleplaying, so that we can bring in new members.

Wierd...one minute I'm discussing my plans for today and the next I'm ranting about how GameSoc is too biased towards roleplaying.


Even more wierd ... one minute you're discussing how you've had fun tabletop roleplaying then the next you're ranting against it.

And I have every intention of recruiting more of the evil type of first-year that enjoys tabletop roleplaying. So there. :-p

I'm not ranting against it in general - just in the one specific case where it clashes with the Monday night gaming session. There isn't any point bringing the board games down any more because everyone is taking part in a campaign.

It doesn't encourage new members to stick around if all they see happening is one form of gaming and one which totally excludes everyone else around - roleplaying is not a spectator sport.