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Well I'm almost finally out of here. 7 hours to go. Looking forward to getting back. I don't unfortunately have any goob with me, but I still have a character and I've (so far) got away with causing all kinds of mischief :)

I had an odd dream last night. Not entirely sure if it was IC or OOC, but wraithwitch gave me some snakes to take with me on my journey (I guess to ICC). So I'm walking to the airport with these snakes slithering along the ground ahead of me. I don't know how I got there, but my journey started at my parents' house. Except it wasn't there house. Apparently it was a short walk to the airport, so that was why I was walking. Oh and I don't have any luggage either. Except I get lost. davywavy gives me some directions, except they make me even more lost, but somehow I manage to get to the airport.

One of the snakes helped me - it was apparently very good at leading people to places. Not sure what the others were for - I guess my protection.

So I'm at the airport and I get on my flight. And then I come back. Not sure what happened inbetween. Except by the time I've got back, I've got no snakes. No idea where they went - I guess I lost them. This means that I also get lost on the way home too. I try calling wraithwitch about the snakes, but my phone is dead and needs recharging. davywavy again sends me on an even crazy route, part of which has me crawling under some kind of wooden construction. I some how find myself at some kind of network gaming convention and lots of people I know are there - like Gordon. And after a while of wandering about, I find a powerpoint and plug my phone in to charge with a phone charger I just happen to have about my person. So I call her up to tell her about her missing snakes, except she's really upset already and I can't make out what she's saying cos she's crying lots. I manage to tell her about the snakes but then the phone dies again or she hangs up - not entirely sure. And then I get home. Very odd.