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Well things finally perked up a bit. I went to the "Dead Dog" party, which as it's name suggests, was dead. That is until some Canadians turned up (there was about 5 of them) and they were all socialable and friendly (unlike most of the americans). So we chatted for a bit and then people started gathering around a table over the far side and people started drifting over there. It turns out that they have a tradition called "the Vaulderita", which those of you who play Sabbat might have a vague idea about it is. Essentially they take all the booze left over and put it into a large bowl and then people drink it. Except they make a big deal out of it like it's a Sabbat ritual and they have Bishops and High Priests and stuff. Oddly it tasted good.

I danced a bit - although I was vastly shown up by everyone else. I blew bubbles. I chatted. The booze started making me feel sleepy, so I called it a night. Doesn't sound like I missed too much, except karohemd dancing the last half an hour or so with 2 gorgeous women. :)

Not sure what I'm going to do today, I'm feeling too lethagic and stuff.


That drink sounds soooo good!!!

It was. I was expecting it to taste foul, but it tasted really good. By the sounds of it, we were lucky to have missed it last year as they had some kind of cream based drink - Baileys or something - which made it curdle. The poor guy that was the "High Priest" had to drink all the curdled crud that was left.

Once we'd drunk it all (well the 2nd incarnation) we all signed the recepticle. In some ways this was probably the best part of the whole trip.

I completely forgot about signing the bowl as I was already lost in the music.
You could have told me...

I was too busy being lost in the bowl :)