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Well things finally perked up a bit. I went to the "Dead Dog" party, which as it's name suggests, was dead. That is until some Canadians turned up (there was about 5 of them) and they were all socialable and friendly (unlike most of the americans). So we chatted for a bit and then people started gathering around a table over the far side and people started drifting over there. It turns out that they have a tradition called "the Vaulderita", which those of you who play Sabbat might have a vague idea about it is. Essentially they take all the booze left over and put it into a large bowl and then people drink it. Except they make a big deal out of it like it's a Sabbat ritual and they have Bishops and High Priests and stuff. Oddly it tasted good.

I danced a bit - although I was vastly shown up by everyone else. I blew bubbles. I chatted. The booze started making me feel sleepy, so I called it a night. Doesn't sound like I missed too much, except karohemd dancing the last half an hour or so with 2 gorgeous women. :)

Not sure what I'm going to do today, I'm feeling too lethagic and stuff.

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