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It's all so quiet..shhh..shhh

ICC so far has been a whole lot quieter than last year. There is a much smaller lounge-presence and apparently us brits have let us ourselves down with a poor turn out. It sounds like Team-Runnymede is going outnumber the rest of the brits. No Aussies or Canadians either yet, so it looks like any Commonwealth parties are going to be brit-only.

Hopefully today picks up and more people show up. They're expecting 1000 people, but either they're all very shy and hiding in their rooms or it's a washout, cos I don't think I've seen more than 50 so far.

Breakfast all-you-can-eat buffets are evil btw.



...all you can eat...

one of my most favourite phrases ;)

There isn't any pie. Apparently there is nice beer - Sam something or other - a local brew. I don't drink beer tho.


They don't understand pie in the US... Samuel Taylors? Jacksons? Smith? (i think) its a reasonable micro-brewery, but i'd not describe it as 'good'...
Sam Adams. It's as good as it gets over here.


Thats the fella, and not so, there was McTavernackles Real Scotch Ale (or something equally badly named) last year that was actually fairly good...


hmn, didn't see that one. I shall check.


Might be that you're in the wrong area...