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Woohoo! I'm here. I got a cheap room. Feel tired. Need sleep. Need food more. Only seen one other person and that was before I got here (John Renfrey). Blarp! Hotel has free netaccess :).



Hmmm, well you're having fun...

But sure he deserves a kicking - he plays a Toreador!

Ahh...well ICly, yes he deserves a kicking. I'd have given him a mental slap-about at London when he was aged down to a 7 year old, but he had majesty up the little weasel :)


And a big bodyguard...

Whats he done to upset you IC? and i think it was aged 6 - he got off lightly i tells you :D

Oh nothing to me specifically - he was just being generally snotty and rude to us Malks at the time. The usual sort of thing I guess :)



You're Malkavians...you deserve it!