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Woohoo! I'm here. I got a cheap room. Feel tired. Need sleep. Need food more. Only seen one other person and that was before I got here (John Renfrey). Blarp! Hotel has free netaccess :).


John finally made an appearance too. He apparently shot out to the mall on Tuesday after the flight and then raced out to Dallas yesterday. But then he was hanging out with us in the bar, so I felt that he didn't really deserve a kicking. Just gotta await the rest of Team-Runnymede and we're sorted.


Hmmm, well you're having fun...

But sure he deserves a kicking - he plays a Toreador!

Ahh...well ICly, yes he deserves a kicking. I'd have given him a mental slap-about at London when he was aged down to a 7 year old, but he had majesty up the little weasel :)


And a big bodyguard...

Whats he done to upset you IC? and i think it was aged 6 - he got off lightly i tells you :D

Oh nothing to me specifically - he was just being generally snotty and rude to us Malks at the time. The usual sort of thing I guess :)



You're Malkavians...you deserve it!