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Way back home wasn't much better. The automated announcement system had gone AWOL and the guy announcing stuff over the tanoy might as well have been whispering it to us from Edinborough he was so quiet. Managed to eventually get to Slough by which stage I'd missed the train to Windsor. Luckily they're very frequent (which is to be expected given how short a distance the train has to shuttle between). Got the next one and arrived with although a short amount of time before the final train in my journey (was stopping off at book club on the way home) it only took a few minutes to hurtle down the hill past the castle to the other station.

Managed to make it to book club a few minutes late, but they don't start on time anyhow. People were surprised I'd read "The Red Tent" because it is definitely a "woman's" book given that it's all about the goings on around a special woman-only tent (hence the title) that women in biblically times would enter when they gave birth or were menstrating. So the book spent a lot of time in the tent. It surprised me how much I enjoyed reading it - the author writes well. This meant that when we came to discuss it, I got quite involved and had fun.

Then raced back home before heading up to Fat club and the pub. Couldn't get hold of cryx to find out if she was still there and huuggs said she'd packed up and not to bother, so I didn't and ordered food. Then I get phoned and asked where I was. *sigh* Still got weighed in the end and managed to lose a whopping 1/2lb, which is good given that I'd eaten and was wearing a jumper.

Food wasn't that good, but met some nice new freshers (hmmm - fresh meat :) and spent the evening engaged in polite social discourse. Well apart from a couple of really bitchy comments I'd made in jest.

At home now (obviously I guess), frantically coding stuff for IGOR which it turns out is definitely going to go national (hurrah!). Apparently I can have anything I want...borusa didn't give me the money I wanted and said that if I stayed in CamUK long enough the women were sure to turn up eventually :).

Oh and cos I've not mentioned it recently - ICC!!!! *bounces excitedly*

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