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*sigh* Damn the weather and the trains. Decided to go via Windsor/Slough on the train since it sounded like it was cheaper and it was apparently quicker too according to the railtrack website. Managed to get to Slough on time only to find out that all trains going in either direction were delayed cos of a track fault outside of Slough. I suspect I'd have been screwed going via Reading as well. Of course it just happens to be a nice sunny day, so I could have cycled from Windsor in the sunshine and got to work earlier than I did in the end.

I think if it's still this nice I might cycle back - I've hardly cycled at all this week cos of this blasted cold.


It's a conspiracy! My central line train was delayed this morning because of signal failure and when I phoned in to work to say I'd be late my officemate wasn't in as she'd missed her train. I think the train companies are creating imaginary delays (and gazebos) instead of striking.