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Don't Panic!

Eeep. That was a narrow thing. I nearly didn't get to go to ICC cos Gordon didn't realise he was getting extra tickets for me and sea_cucumber. Eeep! I hope this trip goes OK. *tries not to panic*

Have lost weight this week - 2.5lbs. Some how managed to win Slimmer of the week even though it should have been huuggs cos despite losing the most this week, she lost last week. That and I feel guilty cos I had icecream and pizza and lots of other norty things. I guess the cycling is helping to burn off those extra sins.

Not much else has happened this week. IFIS was fun - I can't wait for them to move the pub back to the Beehive, cos we miss out quite a lot whilst we grab dinner at the Beehive when everyone else is at Crosslands. GameSoc was OK. We managed to hook up an X-Box to the projector TV thingy which was good as most people were engrossed playing some war game. Roleplaying seems to be taking a backseat this year to boardgaming, which in some ways is a welcome change, but I think a better balance would be nicer.

No idea what I'm doing tonight or in fact for the rest of the weekend. I'd imagine it'll involve eating, sleeping and spodding. I want to have a stab at doing something with the gardening, even if it's just ripping out weeds or something.


Its sorted now though ????????
Want you 2 to come!
You're going to ICC as well? Wahey!
Can anyone bring a handy Union Jack to put on the table like last year?

There are (at last count) 8 Runnymede players going. Hence me calling it the Runnymede invasion force :)

Not wanting to sounds pedantic...

But that is the Union Flag, the Union Jack being a similar (exactly the same) flag flown from a ship of Her Majesties navy...

But i can't go :(

I'm so sad and jealous :(

Well don't worry. We'll make sure we'll steal plenty of gooby stuff and bring it back. Maybe a few of the cute americans too if we can manage it. :)


Yay! Bring me back a cute Texan oil-heiress :)
Yup, going - along with charliemouse and non-LJ people R. & A. - you have met them, but I don't use RL names in LJ without permission. I don't use MY RL name in LJ after all.

See you there - I'll see if there is a small British Flag [avoiding all? minepits] around somewhere to bring.

I think it's all sorted now. I'll find out Monday if the tickets have been bought, if not I'll probably see if I can get some myself.

Oh, and

fix your link, buddy.
Tsk tsk tsk.