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Oh yes! Happy happy joy joy! Got a card from the postman saying they'd tried delivering a parcel just after I left for work yesterday, which was midly annoying as I'd tried waiting as long as possible to see if they'd turn up. Anyhow, went to the delivery office on the bike so it didn't take too long and picked it up. It was (as I expected) the latest Sims expansion pack - Sims Unleashed. Took a bit of work to install as I was really lacking in diskspace, I think I need to get myself a proper games machine or increase the size of the HD.

Haven't played it much yet, but it's so cool. They've increased the size of the neighbourhoods. They've added pets and veggie gardens. They've made it so that plots don't have to be housing - they can be communial areas like parks and pet stores. I'm in heaven!